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Conversation with co-producer & actor Venk Potula (Four Samosas)

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Four Samosas is a romcom heist SouthAsian style! Movie released in select theaters across the US this Friday!! Link to trailer : https://youtu.be/f3u8VT7l-D8 For Atlanta viewers, there’s a special screening of the movie THIS SATURDAY (today) at 1 PM at Digimax Roswell. Link to purchase tickets for the screening: https://ticketing.uswest.veezi.com/purchase/7998?siteToken=n7p5h4m7nk09zahgmf3efjkns8 Watch this podcast interview by Parikrama Host Darshan P. Kaur with the movie’s co-producer & actor Venk Potula to find out more. #IndianAmerican #SouthAsian #EntertainmentIndustry #movies #foursamosas #desipodcast #Hollywood