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Domestic Violence in Desi Community

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Domestic Violence may not be a topic that most people in our community WISH to talk about. But domestic violence / abuse is a topic that our community NEEDS to talk about because it does happen in our community whether we like it or not. Our host Darshan P. Kaur discussed this topic and more with our guests Aparna Bhattacharyya and Ronnie Tejani from Raksha Inc. Aparna, Executive Director of Raksha, has been recognized with Georgia Commission on Family Violence Gender Justice Award and was also recognized as a 2013 Champion of Change by the Obama Administration. Ronnie Tejani, is a board member at Raksha, and has worked in several areas of domestic violence, mental health, health care, and teaching college-level students. If you are a victim of Domestic Violence or know someone who is, the below links may be useful to you. Links to resources Raksha Hotline : (404) 876-0670 https://www.southasiansoar.org/ https://www.raksha.org/gethelp/ You can follow Raksha on FB, Instagram and Twitter at @rakshainc #DomesticViolence #SouthAsianCommunity #IndiansinUS #IndiansInAtlanta #IndianAmerican #IndianAmericanCommunity #NRI #Desi