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Ekal Atlanta Chapter, A Musical Evening Raises $70,000 for Rural Education

By Achala Kanungo and Mahadev Desai
Photo credit Rajesh Khanna Photography

 "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything." - Plato

Once again, the enchanting melodies of the Ekal event filled the halls of Srinath Ji Haveli, our cherished Gokuldham venue in Suwanee, GA. Three hundred people graced the occasion and enjoyed the scrumptious dinner served by Gokuldham. Special thanks to Ashok Patel bhai and Parimal Mathukia bhai of Gokuldham for arranging the sound system and auditorium.
Featuring performances by:
Swati Girglani
Pranav Pandya
Kalpesh Patel

The event kicked off with the Auspicious Lamp lighting Ceremony featuring Hon Deputy Council General Madan Ghildiyal , State Representative Candidate Narendra Reddy, Forsyth County Council Candidate Sudhir Aggarwal, Atlanta Chapter President Shiv Aggarwal, and Pandit Upadhyaya. It began with a soulful Ganesh Vandana, setting the tone for the evening's musical journey. Students from KalashramUSA performed Thumri - Aavat Shyam, a very special composition written, composed, and sung by the Legendary Pandit Birju Maharaj and choreographed by Anurag Sharma.

Audiences were captivated by a series of mesmerizing performances by the talented Ekal singers. From classics like "Mere Hivde Mein" to evergreen hits like "O Mere Dil Ke Chain" and "Jaaiye Aap Kahan Jayenge," the audience was swept away by the nostalgia of old melodies. The pace picked up with energetic numbers like those from Daler Mehndi, culminating in joyous Garba on "Pankhida."
A big thank you to Ekal Atlanta Chapter President and Global Mall owner Shiv Aggarwal for meticulously considering all aspects to make this event a success.
Ekal Atlanta Chapter Vice President Ajay Upadhyaya provided updates on Ekal's latest initiatives, underscoring the organization's commitment to rural education and empowerment. Highlighting Ekal's work in schools, women's empowerment through tailoring centers, and healthcare via telemedicine, Ajay echoed the sentiment of progress and inclusion. We are so proud of Atlanta Donors, Shiv Aggarwal family and Singla family who sponsored 3 tailoring centers.
Rama and Rakesh Popli, ardent believers in GandhiJi's ideology, emphasized the pivotal role of rural development in national progress.

Impressed by Ekal's extensive efforts, audience members swiftly chose to sponsor Ekal schools. These schools require only a one-time payment of $365 but operate under the sponsorship's name for an entire year. Within five years, they become self-sustaining. Ekal's vision aims to empower villagers to manage their own development without relying on permanent handouts. This vision deeply resonated with the audience, leading to the sponsorship of 177 schools. Ekal stands as a remarkable nation-building project for future generations.
A moment of pride ensued as a message from Prime Minister Modi acknowledged Ekal's tireless efforts. With over 400,000 volunteers worldwide, the impact of collective action became evident, with milestones such as:
10 million girls and boys gaining literacy
Sponsorship of three tailoring centers by esteemed Ekal donors
Integrated village development programs fostering nutrition care, maternal health, handicrafts, and computer skills
Over 100,000 villages benefiting from literacy, healthcare, and economic empowerment
80,000 Ekal Vidyalays educating 2 million children across India

Ekal embodies a transformative movement, urging individuals to become changemakers and touch lives.

Thanks to our media Partners - Atlanta Dunia, Khabbar, NRI pulse, TV Asia and Rashtra Darpan

"As the melodies fade and the night draws to a close, let us carry the spirit of unity and generosity with us. Together, through initiatives like Ekal, we can continue to sow the seeds of knowledge and empowerment, lighting the path for generations to come."


' May-12-2024