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Preserving Vedic Culture And Nurturing Sanathana Dharma: The Impact Of VVPB

By Kamala Priyanka Bandaru

Houston, TX: Viswa Veda Parayana Brindam (VVPB) celebrated its 5th annual event on September 23, 2023 at Tompkins High School, Katy, Houston, Texas. This year's standout feature was the active involvement of children in chanting the Vishnu Sahasranamam and youth sharing their experiences with Vedic students from various institutions, shedding light on their lifestyles during recent visits to India. The event witnessed the participation of nearly 700 members. Vishnu Sahasranamam was chanted three times, accompanied by Samoohika Lakshmi puja, followed by Teertham (sanctified water) and Prasadam (food offered to God). Participants left with a profound sense of duty to follow Sanatana Dharma, respect their culture, and carry it forward for future generations. Sri IYR. Krishna Rao, a former IAS Officer, expressed his appreciation, stating, "We are fortunate to participate in the preservation and propagation activities of VVPB, which are truly remarkable."


VVPB's impact extends beyond the realm of knowledge dissemination. The organization actively supports Vedic institutions and students who are committed to practicing Sanatana Dharma. VVPB plays a pivotal role in sustaining these institutions, ensuring that ancient knowledge is passed down through the generations. Moreover, VVPB is not limited to spiritual and cultural endeavors; it provides essential medical support to Vedic scholars, elders, and individuals facing health challenges.
In a world where cultural heritage is often threatened by modernization and changing values, organizations that are dedicated to the preservation and promotion of ancient traditions hold immense significance. One such organization that shines brightly in this regard is the Viswa Veda Parayana Brindam (VVPB), a non-profit established in 2019 in Houston, Texas, USA. Founded by Sri. Raghu Sarma Chunduru and a dedicated group of volunteers, VVPB has been making commendable strides for the past four years in educating, uniting, and supporting individuals on their journey through Vedic cultures and Sanatana Dharma.


At the heart of VVPB's mission lies a steadfast commitment to safeguarding and nurturing Vedic cultures. One of the annual highlights of VVPB's efforts is the global chanting of the Vishnu Sahasranamam, a sacred hymn comprising a thousand names of Lord Vishnu. This event serves as a unifying force, bringing people from diverse backgrounds and corners of the world together to participate in this spiritual endeavor. Through this shared experience, participants actively contribute to the organization's core motto: Preserve, Protect, and Promote Sanathana Dharma.
VVPB's dedication to safeguarding Vedic cultures and nurturing Sanathana Dharma is a testament to the enduring power of tradition and spirituality. As they continue their noble work, their impact on the preservation of cultural heritage and the promotion of spiritual values remains invaluable. VVPB's story serves as a reminder that, in the face of modernization, the light of ancient wisdom can still shine brightly, guiding us towards a more spiritually enriched world.

' Oct-07-2023