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TAMA Education Seminar attracts overwhelming response

A unique and joyful education seminar held on Saturday, July 22 at Sharon Community Bldg, Cumming, added yet another shining gem to TAMA's (Telugu Association of Metro Atlanta) cap. The event drew more than 200 eager students and parents.
Due to the significantly higher turnout than anticipated, organizers had to cover the floor with a Tarpaulin and ask the children to sit. Also standing were a lot of folks.




Education is a vital constituent of our lives, this detailed seminar by a professional helped attendees in getting good insights and proper direction. It is TAMA’s 16th program in 2023, 1st one after a brief Summer pause. Presenter Dr. Vani Gaddam’s interactive & informative talk was spellbound. Both Students and Parents were very much involved in the session, did not leave till the end, asked several questions and were happy with the responses. Participants applauded TAMA for organizing such a wonderful seminar and appealed to do more and more. TAMA aims to do versatile, ‘beneficial for all Ages’ programs with supplemental focus on Youth. Upcoming event is ‘TAMA Weekly Free Clinic Walk’ on August 13, followed by many other programs. Visit www.tama.org  or send email to info@tama.org  for more details.

President SaiRam Karumanchi welcomed everyone and invited Dr. Vani on to the dais. President Elect Suresh Bandaru elaborated on her achievements. Her eloquent talk covered right from Kindergarten to 12th grade Opportunities, Leadership Abilities, Extracurricular Pursuits, Research and Internship options. She spoke in detail about standardized Tests like SAT, ACT etc. She elaborated on AP, IB Dual Enrollment & College choices. Community Service Activities is another interesting topic she touched upon. The session was interactive throughout, helping people in making Bright & Right decisions. TAMA team felicitated Dr. Vani, with a shawl and plaque, thanked her for doing the session. Snacks and beverages were provided to all the attendees.

SaiRam called on long time sponsors, supporters and requested them to talk about their works. This is a welcoming move, providing them extra mileage. He also spoke about different programs TAMA does and how helpful they are for everyone. Chairman Subarao Maddali talked through the Weekly TAMA Free Clinic, explained the advantages and asked people to utilize the services. Media Secretary Srinivas Ramisetty worked on bringing this well received seminar to the table. Priyanka Gaddam, Raghava Tadavarthi, Rupendra Vemulapalli, Suneel Devarapalli, Krishna Inapakuthika, Tiru Chillapalli, Sasi Daggula, Harsha Koppula, Srinivas Uppu, Pavan Devalapally, Kamal Satuluru, Rajesh Jampala from TAMA team helped in smooth execution. Suresh concluded the program by thanking the presenter, participants and volunteers for being part of this need of the hour event and making it successful.

' Aug-11-2023