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Telugu Ashtavadhanam :  A revitalizing Memorabilia

 On April 16, 2023, the Telugu Association of Metro Atlanta (TAMA) and the Hindu Temple of Atlanta (HTA) held the Brahmashree Vaddiparthi Padmakar gari Ashtavadhanam on the HTA grounds. Avadhanam is a distinctive literary performance that was developed predominantly among Telugu speakers. 

Following Covid, Ashtavadhanam was held for the first time in the Atlanta area, with a record-breaking 240 attendees. Around 11 am, the program began with the lighting of the sacred fire, prayer songs, and speeches from notable individuals. The concert, which covered subjects like Samasyaa Pooranam, Dattapadi, Varnanam, Nishiddhakshari, Nyastakshari, Aasuvu, Purana Pathanam, and Aprasthutha prasangam, was loved by everyone, not just literatos.

 Sumptuous and delicious lunch is served to all the participants. Many useful programs are being done by TAMA in the fields of culture, tradition, literature, language, healthcare, education, knowledge and entertainment. Also, involvement of Youth is increasing day by day, with TAMA’s youth initiatives. People, sponsors and volunteers are the main pillars of TAMA. With their help and support, TAMA team will be doing more unique & special programs in future too. For details visit www.TAMA.org or email info@TAMA.org.


TAMA President Sairam Karumanchi and HTA President Aravind Goli briefed about their organizations and welcomed everyone. Atlanta resident and prominent Avadhani Shri. Nemani Somayajulu was the Sanchalakulu, who presided over the Avadhanam. Sapthakhanda Avadhana Sarvabhauma Padmakar Garu was given the problem, "Bhaktin Golvanu Venkateshuni Dapurinchunu Bapamul". He solved it without yathi bhangam or artha bhangam. When asked to tell a poem on birthday celebrations by using unpleasant words, Avadhani garu recited a beautiful and meaningful poem. He also presented lord Rama’s state of mind in an excellent manner, while awaiting to reach Lanka.

Telugu film song "Natu Natu" won an Oscar award in 2023. Avadhani garu mesmerized the audience, when asked to explain Telugu language glory in this song context. Using the 15th letter "Shi'' in the first padam, 9th letter "Va" in the second padam, 2nd letter "Pa" in the third padam, and the 10th letter "Dam" in the fourth padam, Guruvu garu effortlessly completed padyam in Utpalamala style, to explain the glory of Shivapada Mahima.

Also, in the three Avruthalu, for the 3 Aasuvulu, poems were told swiftly, which made the audience spellbound. Even in Purana Pathanam, excellent explanations to the verses were given in three rounds, proving his knowledge on Puranas by reciting the long verses written by yesteryears great poets. In the middle, he gave funny and entertaining answers to the prank questions asked by the Aprasthutha Pasangi and made the audience laugh. In this way, the entire program was completed in a lively and enjoyable manner, got many accolades from the attendees.

TAMA and HTA respectfully presented souvenirs, bouquets, and shawls to Sanchalakulu, Pruchakulu, and Avadhani garu. Many people at the time of Bhojanalu were recalling their experiences at Indian celebrations and remarking that it was much like being at home.
They also want more of these initiatives, which is evidence of the event's scope. Krishna Inapakuthika, the literary secretary for TAMA, finished the program by thanking everyone who had participated in making the event a spectacular success, including the attendees, sponsors, volunteers, HTA team, and TAMA team.

' Jun-17-2023