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TAMA Ugadi Uthsavalu : A wonderful fusion of ancient culture and modern traditions.

On April 8th, 2023, at Denmark High School in Alpharetta, TAMA (Telugu Association of Atlanta) held a big gala celebration of Sri Sobhakrit Ugadi Uthsavalu. Over 2000 Atlantans participated cheerfully and enthusiastically in these celebrations despite the pouring rain and chilly weather the entire day. It is not overstatement to say that the campus was alive with the sounds of culture, education, dancing, music, and entertainment.

Gold Sponsors for the event are Up2date Technologies, Persis Biryani Grill, Magnum Opus IT, HC Robotics, Rapid IT, Silver Sponsors are EIS Technologies, 27th Investments, XCLD Soft, Bronze Sponsors are Vishy & Vikhy Reality, Garudavega Logistics, Amrit Ayurveda, Assure Guru Insurance, TrueVu Financials, Twinkle Pediatrics, Housso Real Estate Ventures and Sweta Telugu Foods. Banthi Bhojanalu (Sit, Served, Eat) included 23 different food items. Efforts of 70-80 volunteers and serving food till the end are noteworthy and shows why TAMA is a pioneer in organizing such feasts. TAMA’s Youth priority was seen this time as well, where they worked closely with the elders in every department. Cultural and Stalls registrations were closed 3 weeks in advance.

Even children and adults competitions registrations closing 2 days before and Tickets 1 day prior to the event shows people’s liking and confidence in TAMA. People, sponsors and volunteers are the pillars of TAMA, their enthusiasm and support is the motivation behind many programs done by the TAMA team and more will be done in the future. For details, visit www.TAMA.org  or email info@TAMA.org .

Around 2PM, language competitions were held, especially for children. More than 100 boys and girls participated and showcased their talents. Children have been divided into 3 categories in the sections of children poetry and public speaking. TAMA Education Secretary Venkat Gokyada welcomed everyone and informed them of the rules. Poetry and short Story competitions for adults were a special attraction this time. Special guests Prof. Sri. Vidyasagar and Manabadi teachers acted as judges. Prizes were distributed to the winners on the stage. There were more than 20 vendor stalls, with clothes, food, snacks, jewelry and various other businesses, where children and women were seen walking around and making purchases.

 As part of the meet & greet, everyone took photos with the celebrities. Cultural Secretary Tiru Chillapalli welcomed everyone with Ugadi greetings, and invited TAMA Executive Committee, Board of Directors on to the stage. Program started with Jyothi Prajwalana (lighting lamps) and Vigneshwara song. President SaiRam Karumanchi spoke about the history of TAMA and various useful programs TAMA is doing and touched upon future programs too. He also mentioned that programs are designed for all ages. Board Chairman Subbarao Maddali elaborated about the free clinic, seminars and scholarships. Pandit Sri. Ravi Shankar conducted Panchanga Shravanam, where the audience were listening attentively. The raffle tickets and special prizes throughout were a crowd pleaser.

The guests of honor Consulate General Smt. Swathi Kulkarni, Senator Sri. Shaun Still, Scientist Dr. Kameswara Rao Badri congratulated everyone and praised the various programs being done by TAMA. They were duly honored by TAMA. All the sponsors who were the main reason for conducting the festival on such a large scale were invited on the stage and felicitated. They remembered the fond relationship between them and TAMA and said that it will continue. They also said, doing such a program needs a lot of resources, efforts and congratulated team TAMA. Manabadi leaders, teachers, doctors & founder members of RNR College, writers, scientists and artists were felicitated as part of the Ugadi awards.

Devotional songs, filmy dances, classical music, folk songs and medleys performed by Atlanta artistes enthralled the audience. Programs like Ghoshti ganam, Ramayana dance drama, Epic poems chanting, Manabadi children's plays and fashion show were very entertaining. Everyone, especially the children, were impressed by Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck character artist, specially arranged by TAMA. Anchors Raghu Vemula and Sravya Manasa mesmerized the audience with their timing and dynamism. Certificates of appreciation were presented to all the participants in the cultural programs. Popular Tollywood film singers Anudeep Dev and Mounima sang songs as part of the musical night, which made everyone, young to seniors come on the stage and dance. The medley they sang with the youth singers was impressive. TAMA honored all these distinguished artists.

Special food items like pickles, sweets, powders, snacks etc from Andhra, Telangana and Rayalaseema regions in India, Ugadi Pachadi from Omkar Foods and delicious dinner items from Persis Biryani Grill were the highlights of Banthi Bhojanau. People remembered weddings in India, where items were served multiple times, at the same time making sure all were served. Attendees enjoyed new acquaintances, greeting old friends, appreciated all the efforts by TAMA in pulling up such a huge event and went home happily, with many memories. Finally, Vice President Suresh Bandaru thanked Georgia people, Sponsors, Volunteers, Invitees, Guests, Spectators, Artists, Creative Customs Madhavi Korrapati, Mav Events Venkat, Manasvi, DJ Tillu Naveen, Photo Video Atlanta Desi Events Ravali & Team and TAMA team for making the event a grand success.

' Apr-28-2023