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My Trip to the Pet Store

by: Saanvi G.

Me, my dad, and my grandpa had decided to go to the pet store to see if any cats would be there because I really like cats and want to adopt one. We were quiet most of the car ride there and when we arrived at the parking lot we saw a small dog and my grandpa said, “Why do you want such a small animal, think big and get an elephant.” This sentence is the start of a big conversation of why anyone in their right mind would not get an elephant as a pet.

Me: I do not want an elephant.
My grandpa: What is wrong with you? What will anyone do with a small dog or cat?
Me: I like cats because they are small. No one keeps an elephant as a pet. 
My grandpa: Actually, a lot of people in India keep an elephant as a pet.

My dad parked the car and we walked inside the pet store.

My dad: It smells so bad in here
Me: It does not smell that bad.
My grandpa: Are there any elephants in this pet market?
Me: No
My grandpa: Then what type of animals are here?
Me: Cats, dogs, gerbils, hamsters, birds, fish, reptiles, etc.
My dad: Where are the cats?
Me: I think we have to go to an animal shelter to see them but we can look at the supplies.

We walk over to the cat section and see a cat bed.

Me: Look this is a cat bed!
My grandpa: This won’t fit an elephant.
Me: It’s not supposed to be an elephant bed. Look at the toys.
My grandpa: An elephant doesn’t play with these stuff.
My grandpa: You should get an elephant. It would be better. 
Me: No elephant
My dad: Look there is a dog getting groomed.

My dad stares down the dog getting groomed for a few minutes and then he starts looking at the dog section.

My dad: Wow! look at the dog toys. Let’s get a dog and get the toys for a dog.
Me: How many times did I tell you we came here for a cat, not a dog?
My grandpa: Kya hai! So you do not want a dog at all?
Me: Yes I do not want a dog.
My grandpa: So the past 2 years you wanted a cat. It will take a little longer for a cat to come out of the story and soon enough you will not want a cat.
Me: Let’s see

My dad keeps looking at the dog section.

Me: Look at this picture with a dog and cat. Which one do you want?
My dad: The dog. I mean cat. Yes, the cat.
Me: Let's ask someone about when to change the litter and feed the cat.
My grandpa: What is this? Just get an elephant.
Me: People do not keep an elephant as a pet in Smyrna. We are not in India.
My grandpa: Do people keep a blue whale as a pet?
Me: No
My grandpa: A crocodile?
Me: No
My grandpa: What is this? I thought there was a blue whale show.
My dad: There used to be one in San Francisco that we saw but now they won’t feed the whale, it is dangerous, and no one wants to come see the show.

My dad then ran over to the pet hotel section inside the store.

My dad: Come over here. Look at this interesting pet hotel. You know that when you are on vacation you register your dog here and then they give room service and a nice comfy bed. Let’s adopt a dog and when we go on vacation we put our dog here.
Me: For the millionth time I do not want a dog!! You know you have to walk them 4 times a day.
My dad: That is not a problem at all. Let’s get a dog. Look at these 3 dogs at the window. They are so small and cute.

The dog came over to my dad from inside the room and started barking at him. 

My dad: *Sends flying kisses to the dogs*
My grandpa: Where are the elephants? I don’t see any elephants!
Me: There are no elephants.
My grandpa: You can keep an elephant in your backyard and ride the elephant around the neighborhood. An elephant can eat 100 roti’s in one sitting. Elephant can spray water like shower.
Me: Guess how many roti a cat can eat?
My grandpa: How many?
Me: None. They cannot eat roti’s?
My grandpa: What is the point of having one if they cannot even eat one roti? I am very disappointed in you for not wanting an elephant.
Me: Ok I have a challenge for you. You keep an elephant as a pet, not me.
My grandpa: Just because I advise you to do something doesn’t mean I will. I do not like animals. If a man tells another man to always tell the truth, he might tell lies.

Our interesting trip to the pet store ended with coming out of the store with no cat, no dog, and definitely not an elephant.

About the author:

Saanvi G.
12 year old
Atlanta resident for 12 years!
" Look out for my future short stories and adventures, sharing interesting interactions with my grandparents. My grandparents visit us from India to spend time with us in summer. It is amazing to have conversations with them about their upbringing, life style, food, culture, dressing etc. versus that of my experiences and engagements growing up in Atlanta. I noticed that many Indian grandparents visit in summer and I cherish seeing and interacting with them. Grandparents always have stories to share!
I have worked to develop some short stories from our conversations, interactions and making memories moments with my grandparents. "