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The Heartfulness Way: Heart-based Meditation for Spiritual Transformation
New Harbinger Publications. Paperback ISBN 978-1-68403-134-4
By Kamlesh D.Patel and Joshua Pollock.

Reviewed by Mahadev Desai


It is heartwarming that contemporary interest in spirituality, meditation and yoga is on the rise across the globe and there is a vast body of literature, many schools and philosophies on meditation and yoga but the inspiring book, The Heartfulness Way is one of the first books which deals with heartfulness.The heartfulness way is based on the ancient Indian spiritual practice of Raja Yoga (meditation-based yoga) which maintains that the path to self-realization is inward, internal, and introspective.

The founder of the Heartfulness practice in India in the early twentieth century was a yogi named Ram Chandra, whom people called Lalaji. His spiritual successor was, Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur, commonly known as Babuji.

His successor was Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari (Chariji) who passed away in 2014, and now Kamlesh Patel, affectionately called Daaji, who is co-author of ‘The Heartfulness Way’ is the fourth and current spiritual guide. The Heartfulness Way is a series of candid conversations between Daaji and the co-author Joshua Pollock, an accomplished classical violinist and a Heartfulness practitioner, who has also taught Heartfulness for over a decade. The engaging book is written in a simple, lucid and easy to implement style with interesting quotes, anecdotes, and parables.

Heartfulness is an integrated approach that consists of three core practices: meditation, cleaning and prayer; supported by yogic transmission. Through meditation we move from the complexity of mind to the simplicity of heart. Everything starts with the heart. When the heart is at peace, the mind is at rest. When the heart is content the mind gains insight, clarity and wisdom.Heartfulness meditation uses the heart to regulate the mind, thus bringing them both into alignment. It proposes a balanced, integrated existence, where life’s spiritual and material wings can harmoniously co-exist.Kamlesh Patel shares his insight into eight steps of Ashtanga yoga and complementariness of Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga and Jnana yoga. Then he enlightens the reader on the relaxation exercise, meditation, cleaning and prayer, and how to practice these. In the concluding part of the book, he explains the role of the Guru, and how he helps the practitioner in subtle ways.

Over a million practitioners worldwide are practicing Heartfulness meditation appropriate for people from all ideologies, cultures, beliefs and religions. More than 5,000 Heartfulness Centres known as Heartspots are supported by many thousands of certified volunteer trainers in 130 countries. The meditation practice is offered free across the globe.

From early age, I have been practicing yoga and mindfulness meditation. Having read The Heartfulness Way, I look forward to trying this different transformative method of meditation and enriching my life by achieving absolute state of peace and harmony.
“In this simple and elegant book, available in seven languages, Daaji reveals the ancient secrets of Heartfulness meditation for a well-integrated life. It provides a pragmatic course to experience these states oneself which per the book’s guiding principle is ‘greater than knowledge’. To practice Heartfulness is to seek the essence beyond the form, the reality behind the ritual. It is to centre oneself at the core of one’s heart and find true meaning and content there. A must read for anyone interested in incorporating meditation into their life style.”


The Heartfulness Way is a groundbreaking and a must read book that helps the reader experience inner transformation, feel empowered and live life to the fullest.
Sanjay Gupta, MD, Neurosurgeon, Emmy Award-winning Chief medical correspondent for CNN.

“An elegant and eloquent introduction to a profound meditative practice.”
Varun Soni, PhD Dean of Religious Life, University of Southern California

“Over twenty years ago, when I was introduced to the Heartfulness meditation practice, I could not have anticipated how much it would come to mean to me with each passing day. Nor could I have anticipated the harmony and purpose that I would find in my life as a result. Whether you are ardent practitioner of meditation, just curious, or perhaps even skeptical, The Heartfulness Way is a must-read. Answers leap magically from its pages, making it simple to understand meditation and its purpose. To read this book is to be immersed in a symphony of revelations.”
Vani Kola-Managing Director-Kalaari Capital

“The Heartfulness Way is an invaluable addition to the vast body of literature on meditation. Its message is optimistic, pointing to the innate goodness that lies in each of our hearts, and showing us how to grow into our most authentic and best selves. As a mindfulness practitioner, I have long felt that the root of mindfulness is ‘heartfulness’, so I am pleased to witness this concept taking hold ,and I look forward to the day that everyone aspires towards ‘heartful’ living.”
Tim Ryan, U.S.Representative of Ohio.

“Throughout my musical career, Heartfulness has been a perennial source of inspiration. This book beautifully describes how to cultivate that inspiration from within and share it with others.”
Maestro Shashank Subramanyam. Grammy –nominated Indian classical flautist.

Kamlesh D.Patel, widely known as Daaji was born in Gujarat, India. He is the fourth and current spiritual guide of the global Heartfulness movement. He practiced pharmacy for over three decades before being named the successor in a century-old lineage of spiritual masters. A self-professed student of spirituality, he devotes much of his time and energy to research in the field of consciousness and spirituality, approaching the subject with scientific methodology…”

Joshua Pollock is a Heartfulness trainer and practitioner from the United States. An accomplished classical violinist, he has performed and taught throughout the world. He is a dedicated spiritual aspirant, and is enthusiastic about sharing his passion for meditation, frequently lecturing at private seminars; holding practical demonstrations in corporate, educational, and governmental settings; and providing ongoing individual support to local seekers.