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The 10-Year-Old Badminton Sensation Climbing the Ranks.

Meet Taneesh Musunuru, a 10-year-old dynamo from Johns Creek Elementary who has taken the badminton world by storm. Currently ranked as the USA's No. 7 in the U13 category, Taneesh's passion for the sport knows no bounds, evident in every match he plays.

His journey into the world of badminton began at the age of 6 when he accompanied his father to the court. Even at that young age, Taneesh showed promise, impressing his father with his ability to connect shots and his pride in hitting fancy shots. Recognizing his potential, his father decided to enroll him in professional training to enhance his skills.

Under the guidance of Allan De Leon, the former head coach of the Philippines national team, Taneesh flourished. By age 8, he was ready for competitive tournaments, participating in his first national event, a closed Regional level tournament in Chicago, where he reached the Quarterfinals. Despite setbacks, Taneesh's dedication remained steadfast, evident in his consistent hard work. Two years later, he emerged as one of the top four under-11 badminton players in the United States, achieving gold at the 2023 USA Junior Nationals held in Spokane, WA. This victory propelled him to the top spot in the USA No.1 in Doubles U11 category and secured the USA No.5 spot in the singles category. Notably, Taneesh is Georgia's first and only athlete to win gold in both the Singles National Tournament (Open Regional Championship) and Doubles National Championship.

Now eligible to compete in the U13 category, Taneesh is tirelessly working to refine his skills and master every aspect of the game. He trains diligently at the Atlanta Badminton Club under the guidance of Coach Allan and Coach Hafeez.
Despite his demanding training schedule, Taneesh recognizes the importance of balancing his passion for badminton with his academic responsibilities. A gifted student enrolled in the school's gifted program, he manages his time efficiently, ensuring he devotes ample hours to both training and academics. When not at the court or in class,

Taneesh enjoys playing Nintendo and spending quality time with his younger brother, Shreyas, whom he affectionately calls his stress buster.
Taneesh is a fan of renowned players like Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, and Lee Zii Jia. His diverse interests extend beyond sports; he enjoys traveling to India to visit his grandparents, indulging in beach outings, and relishing biryani. Intriguingly, Taneesh also harbors aspirations of becoming a neurosurgeon.

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