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An Engaging and Insightful Dialogue with Creative Filmmaker Paresh Naik

By: Sanjay Pandya

International Gujarati Cultural Society, Atlanta, which was formed following the successful third Vadilal International Gujarati Film Festival (IGFF), in Atlanta during summer of 2022, organized an interesting talk by noted filmmaker Paresh Naik on October 1, 2023 at Best Western on Holcomb Bridge Rd. Norcross, Georgia. Committed to nurture Gujarati culture and arts, IGFF has successfully organized many events prior to this one.

Known for his literary abilities from early childhood Mr. Naik has penned five novels, four full length plays, short stories, TV & Radio serials. He has assisted famous Gujarati film director Ketan Mehta in his popular Gujarati movies like “Bhavni Bhavai” and “Mr. Yogi”. After learning from one of the best in film industry, Paresh Naik added a rare “literary” angle to the film making craft. Since then, Paresh Naik has made movies on literary giants like poet Rajendra Shah, (titled “Aimlessly) Makrand Dave (titled Saundarya nu Gaan) and novelist and educator Manubhai Pancholi “Darshak” (titled Darshak no desh). In addition, he has also made some 200 odd small and big movies.

Based on Jayant Khatri’s short story Mr. Naik’s two-hour long feature film “Dhaad”, has set him apart as a different kind of film maker. Currently, he is in a research and study mode for his upcoming film “Dharaar (in desperation)”.
Following Covid-19 lock-down, Paresh Naik has been working on this new film “Dharaar (in desperation)”. He shared a few interesting videos of his interviews and talks at other venues to initiate a dialogue with the audience!

It may appear shocking but a popular publication unearthed a story about a remote village in northern Gujarat where entire village population was involved in prostitution! A noted social worker got involved and started working there. This news deeply disturbed Paresh Naik! He learnt myriad socio-political aspects of “prostitution”. He was appalled to find out how men were treating women as their personal property! And forcing them into ‘flesh trade’ for money.


The audience including Dr. Naresh Parikh, Dr. Asha Parikh, Nimishbhai Sevek, Mustafabhai Ajmeri, Jatinbhai & Chaulaben, enthusiastically participated in the various issues highlighted by Pareshbhai. When parents force their children into this evil practice, they engage into gambling, drinking and other social evils. They also miss going to school. They might also ruin their physical and mental health. There isn’t any difference between developed country like USA or any under-developed country as far as plight of women are concerned!
Paresh Naik’s work is to make us aware of God’s most beautiful creations and their daily struggles! Hopefully he will return soon to Atlanta and engage in many more such enlightening debates!
The IGCS, Atlanta wishes to thank Jatin Shah, Nimish Sevak, Mustafa Ajmeri, Sanjay Pandya, all the sponsors and Media for their strong support.

' Oct-20-2023