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A Community Comes Together to Celebrate Juneteenth, Address Hunger, and Spread Joy.

Together with Agarwal Samaj of Georgia, Sprinkling Smiles provides food for the homeless community.

A sincere food drive has been started by Sprinkling Smiles, a neighborhood nonprofit organization committed to bringing joy and helping others, to benefit Atlanta's homeless community.

The campaign, aptly titled "Sprinkling Smiles, Spread Smiles through Food Distribution Drive," aims to address the pressing issue of hunger while sprinkling smiles, spreading joy and compassion throughout the community. It is a monthly food drive to serve the community started by Sprinkling Smiles earlier this year. This month Sprinkling Smiles partnered with Agarwal Samaj of Georgia to celebrate the Juneteenth with homeless residents of Woodruff park.

With the number of homeless individuals on the rise, access to nutritious meals has become an urgent concern. Recognizing the need to take action, Sprinkling Smiles has mobilized its passionate volunteers and local businesses to collect food donations that will directly benefit those in need.

The food drive, held on June 19th, seeked to engage both individuals and organizations alike in contributing to this noble cause. Members of ASG participated by cooking fresh Indian food like Rice, Daal, Aloo Curry. They were assisted by other set of volunteers who distributed the food at Woodruff park in Atlanta.

Leading the initiative, Swati Agarwal, the founder of Sprinkling Smiles, expressed her determination to make a positive impact. "We believe that no one should go to bed hungry. Through this food drive, we hope to not only address the immediate need for food but also remind our homeless neighbors that they are seen and cared for," Mrs Agarwal stated.

Collaboration lies at the heart of this endeavor, as Sprinkling Smiles has partnered with many local organizations to spread smiles across Atlanta.

The Sprinkling Smiles Food Drive has garnered overwhelming support from the community. Students, and civic organizations have joined hands to amplify the impact of the initiative. The campaign has also gained attention on social media, with residents sharing stories and spreading the word using the hashtag #SprinkleSmiles.

Anil Bhagat ji, an IT Professional and active volunteer in the food drive, expressed his enthusiasm for the cause, stating, "Being part of this food drive has been a truly humbling experience. It's heartwarming to see how our community comes together to support our less fortunate neighbors. Together, we can make a difference."

As the food drive gains momentum, Sprinkling Smiles aims to raise awareness about the systemic issues that contribute to homelessness and hunger. Through their compassionate efforts, they hope to foster a sense of unity, inspiring others to take action and create lasting change within the community.

Sprinkling Smiles invites all residents to join their cause by donating food, volunteering their time, or spreading the word about the food drive. Together, we can brighten the lives of our homeless neighbors, one meal and one smile at a time.

Visit the Sprinkling Smiles Food Drive website at www.sprinklingsmiles.org  for more information, including donation sites and volunteer options.

' Jul-17-2023