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Ahimsa-Internship for young people between the ages of 15-20 launched.

By: Dr. Shailendra Palvia and Mahadev Desai

From left to right :
Ritu Jain, Vaisheshi Jalajam, Amod Sureka, Sunil Peramanu, Shailendra Palvia, Intern Swasti in 9th grade, Intern Kavya in 9th grade, Simran Ahuja in 10th grade, Agamya Jain in 9th grade, Arnav Jain a College Sophomore, Rajkumari Palvia,  Jainik Panchamiya in 12th grade, and Anuj Jain.
Interns Shrey Jain and Avi Dhyani joined one week late..

This new organization took roots on April 18 with the formation of a WhatsApp group, co-founders being Dr. Amod Sureka, Dr. Shailendra Palvia, and Ms. Vaisheshi Jalajam.  The inspiration arose from the nonstop epidemic of gun violence and mass shootings in America. By the end of May this year 2023, there were more than 250 mass shootings. In the past, there have been mass shootings in schools, colleges, churches, government offices, malls, grocery stores, corporate offices, hospitals, gurudwaras, and homes. Almost every segment of society has been affected. Prayers, flowers, and candles will not solve the crisis. America owns 120 guns per 100 people. It owns 50% of world's guns with only 4% of world's population. Since 1990, more than one million people have lost lives due to gun violence. If this is not gun holocaust, What else is?

In the beginning, this organization is aiming at forming a huge bloc of Indian Americans who are prepared to vote on a Single Issue of ‘Gun Violence’. And we want to use the philosophy of Ahimsa embraced by Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism that originated in India. We know that there are other organizations like Everytown for Safety, Moms Demand Action. But our organization's differentiators are two-fold: Use of Ahimsa and Single Issue Voters.

As part of our charter, we want to impress upon legislators coming up for election in 2024 – Enact and Enforce Strict Gun Laws: Ban AR-15s and AK-47s. The goal is to end gun violence by using the force of Single Issue Voters, the issue being ‘ end gun violence’. The laws must provide for total background checks and registration of each and every gun and gun owner. And total enforcement of appropriate punishment for any violations of the laws.

Our organization is futuristic. We want to inculcate these ideas and values in youth so that they can be inoculated against gun violence. Towards this end, we have inaugurated the very first NOVEL Ahimsa Internship on June 11, 2023 taught by Professor Dr. Shailendra Palvia. Six students in the age-group 15 to 20 joined the first class. Two more students will join starting June 23. Except Arnav who is a College Sophomore, all others are in various levels of High School.

Please note that interested interns, in the age-group 15 to 20, should contact Dr. Shailendra Palvia at : Shailoo.palvia@gmail.com (Phone: 732-983-7034)

' Jun-24-2023