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Dr.Indran B. Indrakrishnan Day is a
Historic Milestone for the Indian Community

By Mahadev Desai
Pic. Courtesy of Georgia House of representatives

February 14,2018 was indeed a red letter day for the Indian American community in Georgia because it passed an unprecedented historic milestone when Georgia Legislative Assembly bestowed an Indian heritage American,Dr.Indran Indrakrishnan with a very distinguished Award by recognizing February 14,2018 as Dr.Indran B. Indrakrishnan Day ,for his illustrious services to the nation and the State of Georgia.
At the dignified ceremony, attended by legislators and community luminaries, Georgia House of representatives, speaker David Ralston invited House Education Committee Chairman & Representative Brooks Coleman to introduce Dr. Indrakrishnan and award the prestigious Resolution Certificate to him.

Chairman Brooks Coleman in his remarks praised Dr. Indrakrishnan for his services to the community in many aspects beyond his medical practice which includes education, philanthropy and advocacy. He described Dr. Indrakrishnan's astronomical roles in many State and national not for profit organizations. He recalled Dr.Indrakrishnan passion in preventing & curing colorectal cancer - second common cause of cancer deaths in the country. He quoted various incidents where Dr. Indrakrishnan helped many individuals & organizations during their critical needs.

He then proudly declared February 14th 2018 as Dr.Indrakrishnan day in Georgia and presented the resolution to Dr. Indrakrishnan in the midst of resounding applauds from the legislators on the floor and the cheerful gathering in the public gallery. 

Dr. Indrakrishnan in his acceptance speech, thanked the legislators for their kind recognition of him. He appreciated the support of legislators from both sides of the isle whenever he approached them to resolve the issues related to welfare of the community.   While talking on the healthcare subject, he reminded the legislators about paying attention to their own preventive healthcare beyond going to Doctors' offices only for sicknesses.  He quipped that he is not sure whether he is qualified to receive this very distinguished honor but will not say no to this exceptional award and would love to go home with it!

Dr.Indran is a well-respected and admired multi-talented and multitasking Gastroenterologist practicing in Lawrenceville; a physician leader and Leadership Gwinnett alumnus. To cite the GA H.R.959,‘He has served as the President and a member of the board of the Georgia Gastroenterologic and Endoscopic Society…’’The indefatigable Dr.Indran brings energy, commitment, compassion and philanthropy to many deserving causes and as per the Resolution ‘…tirelessly serves on the boards of multiple charitable organizations, including Fight Colorectal Cancer; Fill14 Ministries, Third Eye Dancers; his active role with Meals by Grace, a charity that provides meals to families in need, and his active Trustee role at the Hindu Temple of Atlanta. And further per the Resolution,’ Dr.Indran has ‘…served as President of Georgia Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage and currently sits on its Board of Trustees ,additionally serving with the Georgia Board of Physicians Work Force, where he dedicates his time to support the development of medical education programs and initiatives to increase the number of physicians and healthcare practitioners practicing on underserved rural areas…At Dr.Indran’s behest, Governor Nathan Deal has proclaimed March as Colorectal Cancer Awareness month.’

Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle, Senate president Pro -tempore Butch Miller. legislators David Shafer,  Fran Millar , Rene Unterman,  Michael Dugan, Sharon Cooper,  Scott Hilton, PK Martin ,David Clark, Betty Price, Chuck Efstration , Ben Watson ,Timothy Barr, Megan Myers Hanson, and many more met with Dr.Indrakrishnan  afterwards and congratulated  and wished him well on his exemplary service to the community.   

Dr. Indran B. Indrakrishnan Day Resolution