The world health organization defines health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health is life. In this digital age, all the information is available to us by a mere click. There are many ways to attain health and well-being. Nutrition, sleep, exercise, relaxation can help prevent diseases. Once sick, medical and surgical treatment may be needed. The alternative therapeutic approaches like Yoga, Mindfulness, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Herbal remedies are becoming popular as people try more holistic and natural approaches. Each of us is unique and born with genetic strengths and vulnerabilities. The journey to health may differ from person to person. This section will focus on all aspects related to health and well-being. Submissions are encouraged from a health practitioners and people who wants to share their experience on all things related to health. For more information please contact Dr.Panchajanya Paul, MD (
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Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:09-22-2018)
SHOULD HINDUS BECOME VEGAN ? - 4 MYTHS AND TRUTHS ! One can find evidence and expert opinion on both sides.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:09-21-2018)
Is Your Office making you sick ? Indoor office work is stressful to the body in various ways.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:08-18-2018)
5 Myths About Nap Does nap have any role in our modern society?
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:08-01-2018)
Health Hazards of Junk Light Here are the 5 common problems with junk light:
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:06-05-2018)
How to find fulfillment at work? How we spend the work hours plays a vital role in our mental and physical wellbeing.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:06-05-2018)
Best Natural herbs, and Vitamins for Sleep! Every month some new product is launched with the promise of miracle sleep.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:04-04-2018)
4 Best SLEEP SUPPLEMENTS As most of us spend most of our time indoors perusing sedentary jobs- sleep problems are on rise across the globe.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:01-26-2018)
Six Heath Goals for 2018 Making health a priority and setting health goals is a great way to welcome the new year.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:01-08-2018)
4 ways to Lose Stubborn Fat? Many Indians find themselves overweight or obese despite following a healthy lifestyle
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:01-05-2018)
11 Steps to Reverse Memory Loss! You can protect your memory and brain functions by keeping a healthy lifestyle
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:12-13-2017)
Memory Rescue! How to Reverse Memory Loss! Scientists have found that human brain can grow new cells all throughout the life
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:11-11-2017)
How Sloppy Science Creates Worthless Cures American taxpayers spend $30 billion annually funding biomedical research
Dr. Prabhakar Kamath & Panchajanya Paul (dt:11-04-2017)
How to Balance Work and Life? People everywhere find the grass greener on the other side.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:10-27-2017)
Breast Cancer: 6 Lifestyle Risks All should know! Breast cancer is unheard of, or very rare in traditional and hunter gatherer societies.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:09-21-2017)
How Much Exercise Does One Needs? We spend most of our time sitting. Our body was never meant to be sedentary.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:08-29-2017)
Health Consequences of Solar Eclipse: Myths and Truths! My friend who is 6 months pregnant was advised by a spiritual guru to avoid the eclipse.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:08-25-2017)
Suffocation: Living More with Less by James Wallman Other researchers also noted that materialistic people tended to be less happy.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:08-15-2017)
The Highly Sensitive Person's Survival Guide He has written seven books, and is a world expert on the topic of highly sensitive people.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:07-26-2017)
Is it Safe to Exercise in Pregnancy? Pregnant females are flooded with advice from friends, family, neighbors and even strangers
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:07-21-2017)
Where should a baby sleep? Alone or with parents! Many Indians living in US are baffled when told that their babies should sleep alone.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:07-10-2017)
6 Brain Myths All Should Know Dr. Panchajanya Paul, MD, ABIHM, FAPA is an Doulbe Board certified
Dr. Panchajanya Paul & Dr. Akshay Lokhande (dt:06-17-2017)
How to Improve Attention Naturally? Inattention and distractibility are becoming a growing problem in the modern world.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:06-10-2017)
Accidental Psychiatrist- The Healing Power of Compassion The book recounts Dr. Kamath's experiences as a physician in America from 1970 till his retirement in 2010.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul & Dr. Ajay Singh (dt:06-01-2017)
Top 10 Habits For Good Sleep! Some struggle to fall asleep at night, some to maintain sleep throughout the night,
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:05-09-2017)
Stressed! TRY MINDFULNESS 101 FOR TEN MINUTES A DAY. The goal is to relax the mind and detoxify the body
Dr. Ajay Singh, MD, MS (dt:04-27-2017)
Top 10 ways to reduce stress! Talk to your mental health professional- may be a social worker,
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:04-02-2017)
Wisdom from the dying! There is something about death that fascinates, intrigues, and horrifies
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:03-20-2017)
Health Hazards for Crying Babies? As a new father, my sleep is often disturbed by the cry of my son.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:03-20-2017)
Is too much sitting killing Indian Americans? By Dr. Panchajanya Paul, MD If you are a white collar worker, you are probably sitting too much and for too long.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:01-31-2017)
How to treat Depression? The good news is that the treatment of depression has been an intense field of research.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:01-30-2017)
How much sleep does one need? Our requirement varies based on our age, health and work requirement.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:01-12-2017)
Which foods are making Indian Americans obese? Obesity is becoming a pandemic among the Indians living abroad. Rates of obesity are also on a rise
Bellamkonda K. Kishore (dt:01-11-2017)
OBESITY: The Mother of all Diseases There are many reasons for that, but the most valid one is processed foods,which are cheaper are not the healthy foods.
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:01-11-2017)
How to Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally? Although, it is acknowledged, that hypertension is a disease of the life style; it remains a challenge
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:12-09-2016)
Health hazards of Night and Shift Work Shift work became popular during the Second World War when the war demanded rapid production of goods and arms
Dr. Panchajanya Paul (dt:11-28-2016)
Is Indian Vegetarian Diet Low in Protein? As Indian diaspora has spread around the globe, many have carried their culture including vegetarianism with them.