Top 10 ways to reduce stress!

By Dr.Panchajanya Paul, MD, FAPA & Dr. Ajay Singh, MD, MS


1. Avoid multitasking. When overwhelmed, take a pause; write in a piece of paper all the things needs to be done for the day. Then pick the most urgent one and proceed accordingly.
2. Take a break. We all use computers for work. Constant staring at the screen can cause eye strain and back pain. Take a break every 30-60 minutes. Even if for a brief duration of 3-5 minutes, get up from your chair, walk around.
3. Ask for Help. In this information age, new methods are replacing the old, and new information is making the old obsolete. No one can keep up with all the changes. There is no shame is asking for help. Seek mentors, friends, colleagues who are willing to help. Seek to collaborate. This will make task easier.
4. Sleep well. Make sleep a priority. Adequate sleep is necessary for good brain function. Good sleep quality and quantity will boost your mood, energy and result in increased productivity. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.
5. Exercise daily. This is crucial. Exercise is the best medicine for mental health. All mental health ailments can benefit from exercise. Exercise releases endorphins which makes us feel happy, and reduces stress and anxiety.
6. Be outdoors. Take benefit of the beautiful spring. Go out, and explore nature. We spend most of our time indoors. Spending time outdoors has multiple health benefits. Being in nature calms us down. The sun and the fresh air rich in oxygen boost out immunity and make us more resilient to both mental and physical stress.
7. Eat healthy & Cook. Try to eat healthy food whenever you can. Avoid junk food. If there is one skill that will maximize your health and wellbeing, that is your cooking skill. There are bounty of wholesome grains, fruits, vegetables, and meat. Eating out and choosing healthy food is expensive on a regular basis. Pick the best and fresh ingredient and cook yourself a wholesome and nourishing meal.
8. Spend Time with Family and friends. As we live in this age of opportunity, and we chase our dreams, too often we forget to spend time with friends and family. Times spend with loving and caring people relaxes us. It takes away the stress. It has been seen that single, isolated, and lonely people suffer more from health problems and die early. Having a strong social network is a great health insurance.
9. Pick up a hobby. You are never too late to learn a new skill. Cut down on the screen time, and instead pick a new hobby. It may be sports, arts, or whatever you are inclined too. Remember, not all our activities have to generate money. As long as it brings happiness, it is worth doing. Added, benefit, learning a new skill challenges our brain, and keep it young. This may even protects against dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
10. Get psychiatric care. It takes courage to ask for help. If you need mental help, go for it. Don't let anything hold you back in getting the care that you deserve. Psychiatric care offers effective and safe treatment for mental health illnesses. Talk to your mental health professional- may be a social worker, psychologist or a psychiatrist. Early diagnosis and treatment is the best chance of success when it comes to mental health.

Dr. Ajay Singh, MD, MS is a board certified child, adoloscent & adult psychiatrist who practices near Sacramanto, California. He is the medical Director of mental health facility, with over 20 years of experience.