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By Ravi r Ponangi

Atlanta, GA: NATA (North America Telugu Association) Atlanta team organized its 3rd annual golf tournament successfully on Sunday, May 5 at Bears Best Golf club, Suwanee, Georgia. Golf tournament was very successful led by Srini Vangimalla, NATA director. A total of 80 players participated with 19 team sponsors. Patel Brothers, a grocery chain in America and who are opening their new location in Cumming is the title sponsor. In NATA membership drive, Atlanta team added 355 life members, 10 silver members, 6 gold members and one diamond member.

NATA is a non-profit cultural organization serving the Telugu community in the US and Canada. NATA was formed on November 20, 2010 with its registered office in Princeton, New Jersey. NATA is established as service-oriented organization. NATA was formed under the stewardship of prominent Telugu leader Dr. Prem Reddy, past presidents and past conveners of other Telugu organizations and prominent Telugu persons living in USA for long time. NATA has been involved in promoting community services, cultural and social activities, student assistance, and preservation and promotion of Telugu language and heritage in the United States, and across the globe. The core mission of NATA is to serve the growing needs of thousands of people of Telugu origin living in North America. NATA strives to serve the Telugu speaking community with literary, cultural, educational, social, economic, health and community activities of people of Telugu origin here in the US and back home in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, India.

The chief guest for the event, Dr. Swati Kulkarni, Consul General of India in Atlanta in her remarks said this is my first spring in Atlanta and it was so nice and pleasant to see the greenery. She informed that there are many Indian Americans living in southeast part of America which is in her jurisdiction. There are 400 thousand Indian Americans living here. In that, people of Telugu origin are more and very popular. Mostly all are IT professionals. More Telugus and Gujaratis live in among 120 thousand living in Atlanta. I have seen many organizations and NATA is doing phenomenally good work. More into community service. Farmington university is an example. With the help of NATA along with our consulate staff, we redressed that issue so nicely. Now, only two students remain and we will address that also very quickly. CG said we are thankful for the lawyers that community provided and the input received from time to time. Two, three people from NATA are totally with our staff who worked all the time day and night. Families are back in Andhra and Telangana and NATA representatives complimented what consulate was doing.

She appreciated and applauded the work of NATA. CGI exhorted audience to help in spreading that awareness, we should not do these mistakes. we don’t want another Farmington episode. We don’t want any bad name for India. We want to have our good reputation as we are the top most country sending top most graduates, top most IT graduates here. We want our flag high. Our people are hard working. They are diligent, creative, innovative. Doctors, Engineers, everybody. You name them, they are here. We want that distinction; we don’t want any negativity at all. I appreciate your help. I was told that you are giving back to your home land in various projects like Health, water purification and community related services back home in Telangana and Andhra. Keep that good work.


In lighter note, CGI said I am not a person who plays Golf. I don’t know anything about Golf. I am not in my golf dress also. It is an expensive way of playing marbles as someone says.
Continuing her message, she informed audience that consulate in association with Gandhi Foundation is celebrating 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, 90th birth anniversary of Dr. MLK, 60th anniversary of MLK’s visit to India which he called "To other countries, I may go as a tourist, but to India I come as a pilgrim." We are celebrating a yearlong festival commemorating 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and on May 3rd we have shown a documentary at King center to spread the Gandhi’s message, how was his life and what message he has given? No matter how much we know about Gandhi, he is always something new and you will learn. Gandhi’s message will always inspire new Global audience. That is why we do 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. When Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi movie released in Chile in 1983, it inspired antifa movement to overthrow Pinochet regime. It also inspired to over throw the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos in Philippines. when we want to show such movies where Gandhi’s message was there it always inspires new global audience. His message is so profound and so electrified. We are celebrating international day of Yoga on June 23rd. CGI invited the community to attend. She said June 21st is the international yoga day has been declared by UN. In Atlanta IDY is on June 23rd this year to facilitate the community to come. Yoga is one of the stress busters. Let us make sure that our soft diplomacy works.

After rounds of golf, the attendees sat down to a fantastic dinner that was sponsored by ADDA Indian Cuisine and Sports Pub. During the dinner, NATA Executive Vice President Bala Reddy Indurti thanked all those who supported and especially thanked those companies who had sponsored Foursome teams and title sponsor Patel Brothers. He also thanked all RVPs, RCs, and standing committee chairs who made the membership drive successful by adding a record number of new memberships. Following the dinner, awards were presented by chief guest Dr. Swati Kulkarni, NATA president Dr. Raghava Reddy Ghosala, Advisory Council member Dr. Adisesha Reddy, and President Elect Dr. Sridhar Reddy Korsapati.

The organizers thanked team sponsors Serenity Infotech, Rapid IT, Everest Technologies, ITT Star, Wissen Infotech, C-Vision, Quantum Bank, HC Robotics, GVR Realty, 27th Investments, Jhalak.com, Orpine, Cake World, Unicorn Tek, Suvidha, Infosmart Tech, Murli Reddy, Compass Property, and Edward Jones Investments.


' May-14-2019