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By Ravi R Ponangi

Atlanta, GA: Brahmrishi Swami Guruvanand Ji’s 3 Day stay in Atlanta from July 6-8 was a hectic one, as he attended 3-4 programs every day. Brahmrishi Swami Guruvanand Ji is a guru who imparts knowledge of the ancient cultural and spiritual heritage of India. People from various cultures and backgrounds had the opportunity to hear the message of Swamiji and speak to him one-on-one. Swamiji addressed large gatherings at Shakti Mandir, Lake City; Sadhana Mandir, Global Mall and at Sankat Mochan Hanuman Mandir, Adairsville. Swami Ji has also visited devotees’ houses.

Brahmrishi Sri Guruvanand Swamiji of Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India is a highly evolved Spiritual Master full of compassion and love combined with humility and simplicity. He is one of the most revered saints of India having a worldwide following. It is remarkable that a spiritual saint of his caliber has also achieved impressive academic distinctions. Gurudev holds numerous degrees that include a degree from IIT, Kharagpur. He is an authority in Sanskrit language, Vedas, and Astrology. Guruvanand Swamiji is using the enormous divine energy that he has acquired to help those in distress and to uplift the lives of millions of people around the world. Sri Brahmrishi Ashram, founded by Swamiji in Tirupati near the famous Tirumala Hills in Andhra Pradesh, has various programs on a continuous basis serving the troubled, poor and needy.

In all his interactive style of discourses in Atlanta, Brahmrishi Swami Guruvanandji said that he is not here to advocate or propagate a new religion but is here to teach the right way of living through the path of spirituality. He said despite different streams of thought, Religion is one. Religion should be a way of life. He stressed “Religion does not bind us, but rather frees us from all bondages of Deeds or Karma”. He advocated that Saints and Gurus should not give us a cult or a religion but rather the correct path of life, to ensure a smooth and successful transition from the worldly bondages towards and into the Almighty. Having taken a human form, living is imperative, but it is far more important to lead a life of purpose, a life of meaning. Swamiji’s core teaching is that we should lead morally uplifting and spiritually fulfilling life, leading to overcoming karmic debts while fulfilling worldly duties. Swamiji said that his life mission is to reach out to as many people as possible to spread the message of awareness, self-realization, humanity and peace.

Extensively quoting from Vedas, epics, Bhagavad Gita and other texts, Swamiji said as you embark in your quest for spiritual and religious meaning and significance in the modern world of science and technology, you are bound to discover the inner deep connections that unite the scientific temper of enquiry and experimentation on the one hand and the Vedic spiritual vision of growth and dynamism on the other. Swamiji’s discourses filled with appealing anecdotes, humor, simplicity, compassion and demonstration of his understanding about a wide range of issues related to life. Swamiji started all his discourses not only invoking prayers of ancient order of monks in the world but also saluting Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda and others.

Swamiji’s discourse was 3 hours long at each session and people patiently listened to him. It was amazing that a person aged 80 plus standing for long hours and giving a very engaging discourses even without taking a sip of water.
Brahmrishi Swami Guruvanand Ji gave tips about life, peace, meeting basic human needs, leadership etc., and the following wisdom quotes which Swamiji has given during his discourses attracted this writer’s attention.

-In faith there is no question. In surrender there is no negotiation.
-Little Faith can take you to Heaven; but complete Faith can bring Heaven to you.
-Know faith no fear. No faith Know fear.
-A complaining mind is never peaceful. A mind filled gratitude is always peaceful.
-If you want to predict your future you have create it.
-Argument is done to find who is right, discussion is done to find what is right.
-Try and fail, but never fail to try

Gurudev imparted his personal blessing to each and every devotee. Swamiji asked the audience at the gathering to chant certain mantras after him for the benefit of them as well as for the highest welfare of the society.

He also made the gatherings to clap, laugh, raise their hands.
A well-known philanthropist and owner of Sonal Furnitures, Shyam Garg organized Swamiji’s visit to Atlanta. Govind Patel of Shakti Mandir, Pandit Ved Joshi of Sadhana Mandir and Chandra Tiwari of Sankat Mochan Hanuman Mandir welcomed Swamiji at respective gatherings.

Priya Sankhla, Rajesh Chordia and Acharya ji shared their experiences of their association with Swamiji. Mustafa Ajmeri said Swamiji is a gift to us. I always think of his smile, unconditional love and affection.

' Jul-23-2018