Shri Modiji meets select Atlanta leaders
among US Indian-Americans in DC!

by Viren Mayani



Ever since he has been elected Prime Minister and met with prominent leaders of the world, Hon. Shri Narendra Modiji has changed the stereo typical image of India and undeterred he has showcased everything from Gandhian ideologies of peace and cleanliness to strength and deterrence. Bringing about significant change, highly volatile and dynamic in nature he has been a favorite of the common man with a lot of intrigue by some business tycoons. Nevertheless his march to his own drum beat has been relentless and contiguous.

In one such sudden visit to the Trump White House, a select group of community leaders got invited to meet and greet him in DC. Humbled to be one of the included, my visit was extraordinaire. It began with a specific personal invite from the Hon. Ambassador Shri Sarna from the Indian Embassy which had an urgent RSVP. Once that was confirmed with a letter and an invite code, we were asked to get together at the Ritz Carlton DC for security check and scrutiny before the main event. Albeit a very thorough vetting first by the Indian security agents with the Hon. Modiji and then by the US Secret Service, we were given an assigned seat and further treated to delicious refreshments. At the assigned time we were led into the grand ballroom by dedicated young HSS volunteers to our assigned seating which was interestingly tied to our invite code. After watching a short but stunning video on clean Ganga effort and a video on the prominent changes sweeping across India led by he Prime Minister, a senior official made a few very clear but necessary house-call announcements. Early that morning we also received an email soliciting our pointers for the PM's visit with President Trump and what were our thoughts on items for discussion.

Hon. Ambassador presented his welcome graciously and announced the presence of Shri Modiji. The Hon. Prime Minister came on stage to a thunderous and long outstanding applause with chants of Bharat Mata Ki Jai, he welcome all guests and began his uncharted yet spot-on speech. He adjusted the microphone to his convenience and spoke effortlessly of the new initiatives his team has led in the past year and continuing on. He spoke of the pride the young today has of India and his convincing motivation to do something and grow India. He spoke of skilled based vocational training for the rural youth, his incentive to disengage the rural woman to light wood fires for cooking and getting killed by smoke inhalation but instead devised a scheme to get them gas cylinders, clearing the villages of wood burning. He spoke of how he repackaged raw urea with a nitrogenous layer so that it becomes ineffective for any other use but agriculture thereby eliminating the false scarcity of urea for the farmers and price gauging by chemical manufacturers. He spoke about increasing education among the poor and increase in spreading education about personal and surrounding cleanliness. Spoke about his cutting of the agency middleman and how his team directly deposits scheme incentives to the receivers bank accounts digitally. It led to multiple victories: increase in fiscal management by the rural poor, transparency and urgent and immediate benefit to recipient which is trackable. He spoke about how, now, the world understands terrorism without him having to explain extremist efforts by outsiders infiltrating in India and creating havoc routinely over the past half century. He vociferously stated that India has the resilience to engage peacefully and yet the strength to launch a targeted effort to destroy evil; if it can showcase the world that it can launch 12 satellites in space simultaneously. He does not need to further explain what terrorism is and what terrorism does! He further added a whole host of such other initiatives.

After the well spoken and very well delivered address, the team and the Ritz staff cleared the ball room chairs (about 700) within 10 minutes and had all of us situate ourselves in pods for a personal photo with him. He walked with a team of photographers from pod to pod speaking and shaking hands with each of the guest present and taking a personalized photo with each group. The assigned code then came into play as emails were sent to each respective attendee with a picture of their group photo taken, since no one was allowed any electronic devices at the gathering and thorough security vetting.

The entire operations management by the Embassy was extremely well thought through and patiently delivered with humility. The volunteers did an outstanding job as we all know it is not easy to manage 700 plus very excited and eager yet star hungry Indian fans. But everyone cooperated and the event was managed without a glitch and flawless.

Being a part of the dozen or so Georgians invited, I was tickled to my core and humbled beyond measure to have been included. The others present that I interacted with included and hopefully not limited to: Dr. Jag Sheth, Madhu Madhusudan, Sonjui Kumar, Shiv Agarwal, Subash & Raj Razdan, Dr. Amitabh Sharma, Narendra Reddy, Dr Vasu Patel, Dr. Dhiru Patel, Dr (from Ga Tech), Sunil Savili and Archit Seshadri.