Hansinee Mayani performs at the
Sydney Opera House in Australia!

Hansinee (daughter of Rifka & Viren Mayani ) began learning the violin at the tender age of 3 and by age 7 was already playing with Georgia Symphony Youth Orchestra's Sinfonia Group. At 8 she was invited to play with Walker School's High School Orchestra and at age 13 she was playing with Ensemble 1 the highest level of Lassiter High School Orchestra as well as with Philharmonia the 2nd highest level of the Georgia Symphony. Having performed at the New York's Heritage Music Festival in 2015 she was now recognized for performing at various competent venues outside of the academic environment and in Honor's league.

 In the summer of 2014 Hansinee competed at the National Miss America contest as a GA semi-finalist and in the 5 awards she collected competing with 130 girls in her bracket, she had taken a 2nd place in music ability playing the violin .The summation of these highly rated competitive events encouraged her to audition for the Honor's Performance at the Sydney Opera House in 2017. Out of a pool of 12,000 nominations, she was one of the global 150 selected to perform after passing the auditions and perhaps the only Georgian performer in the Orchestra . Landing in Sydney starting July 7th they collectively rehearsed on scores everyday, that were sent a month and half ago with their respective pieces, culminating in a commercial performance at the Sydeny Opera House on July 10th evening.

Viren, Nishtha & Rifka Mayani

Despite each ticket costing almost a hundred dollars, the stalls were filled with very appreciative audience. The performance was outstanding and more so the experience was overwhelming. The diversity of the performers included students from all over the USA and China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Japan and more. Previous to that, Hansinee was accepted on scholarship to the Congress of Future Medical Leaders at Cambridge, (Boston) MA for a 3 day Conference and besides Nobel Laureate Buzz Aldrin (The 2nd man to walk on the Moon) she was instructed by a host of other Nobel Laureates and Award winning PhD's and MD's on a sleuth of medical advancement and deep academia.

Hansinee Mayani continues on her trajectory of making a difference in everything she sets herself to achieving. She candidly claims that it is not because she is very special but because she was given the opportunity and she tried very hard to utilizing it to the fullest!