Sadhana Mandir Celebrates Mahashivratri with
Traditional Fervor and Great Devotion

The age-old Hindu festival of Mahashivratri was celebrated with the usual fervor and devotion by the devotees of Sadhana Mandir in the Sai Adult Care Hall in Global Mall in Norcross, Georgia. Acharya Ved Prakash Joshi, the temple priest led hundreds of devotees to a series of steps of the puja from 7:00-9:30 pm. The Mukhi-Yajman’s were Shiv and Anushi Aggarwal, Shree Shyam Gargji. Maharaj Family, and Kumar Family.

The puja was followed by a delicious mahaprasad (vegetarian meal) enjoyed by about 600 participants. There was separate mahaprasad for those who were fasting. Several thousand  devotees came to the temple throughout the day. The same puja was repeated by Joshi ji in the temple from 9:30 pm-12:30 am (past midnight) for the volunteers who worked tirelessly during the puja earlier and also for the benefit of those who were unable to participate earlier in the evening. Several devotees, young, old, and even kids volunteered to replenish puja samagri to the families performing the puja rituals.