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Math, Science & Cyber Olympiad (Grades 3-8)


Intellectually Stimulating
Math, Science, and Cyber Olympiads
(Grades 3-8)

STEM Olympiads Of America (SOA) is hosting its annual one of a kind Math, Science, and Cyber Olympiads on Feb 24th 2018 at Brookwood Elementary.

SOA is dedicated to Strengthen and Support Math, Science, and Cyber Education among Elementary and Middle School Students through Intellectually Stimulating Olympiads and Valuable Actionable Feedback.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Are the SOA Olympiads a Team or Individual Event?
SOA Olympiads are conducted at an Individual level and are available to any student. Students do not need to belong to a Math or Science Team or Club.

Why should my child participate?

  • Olympiads are a great setting to learn in. Unlike Standardized testing, failure does not bear any severe consequences and a student can measure their knowledge in the subject against others in a safe environment.
  • Healthy competition develops enthusiasm for STEM subjects at an early age.
  • Analytical nature of the Olympiads deepens the child’s understanding of foundational Math, Science & Computer Concepts.
  • Child is introduced to material and concepts they may not otherwise experience.
  • Assessment reports provide confidential competitive analysis to gauge the child’s performance and identify any potential gaps.
  • Awards and Recognition boost Moral & Confidence in a Child.

How can my child prepare for the Olympiads?
Visit  and navigate to Math, Science & Cyber Olympiad pages to review Curriculum and Practice Questions.




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