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ALOHA’s National Math Challenge-Prize Money $28,000

ALOHA’s National Math Challenge
Prize Money $28,000

As an encouragement to our Amazing Students, ALOHA is proud to conduct the first ever National Math Challenge!

ALOHA National Math Challenge  (the “Contest”) is currently open to all children enrolled in a program at a participating ALOHA Learning Center who are in grades K-6th or between the ages of five (5) and twelve (12) years old as of January 1, 2017. Parents or legal guardians wanting their child to participate in the Contest may do so by enrolling their child (as a student) at a participating ALOHA Learning Center before the Contest registration end date.

Registration ends at 11:59pm on Jan 31st, 2017. Entrants may register and enter the Contest by visiting our website or by visiting the nearest ALOHA Learning Center. For additional Details about ALOHA and the Math Challenge, including but not limited to Test Timings, Test Questions Format and others, please call  your closest ALOHA Locations or (678) 876-3478/(877) 256-4203.

ALOHA is a leading Mind Math program for ages 5-12. With ALOHA, children learn to perform calculations with stunning speed and accuracy - a benefit that lasts them a LIFETIME. Their ability to perform calculations mentally is very exciting for them, increasing their self-confidence and boosting their self-worth. Besides Math enrichment, ALOHA also strengthens a child's ability of concentration, focus, retention, and creativity.